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Mizou is mini netlabel of Japan.
We will deliver the lovely music from the frontier of net world.

Experimental Music For Experimental People. Progressive Music For Progressive People. Alternative Music For Alternative People. Post Industrial Music For Post Industrial People. Independent Music For Independent People. Free Music For Free People.

MZ001 Mademoi Selle: Bipolar Disorder
MZ002 Neko Nine: Summer is you
MZ003 Vasteras: Made of Reeds
MZ004 The Cell #4: Scorching Heat
MZ005 Radiomaniac: 1st Transmission EP
MZ006 Aurora: Occur outside of the binary field EP
MZ007 Radiomaniac: 2nd Transmission (Single)
MZ009 Radiomaniac: Antenna Theory
MZ010 Radiomaniac: Syndrome
MZ012 ETZA: Surreal
MZ013 Vasteras: Glamour EP
MZ014 Starcardigan: Men EP
MZ015 Starcardigan: Zhele
MZ016 Radiomaniac: Radiomaniac EP
MZ017 Ultramerda: Il silenzio non esiste
MZ018 MalaGioia: MalaGioia EP

In January of 2011, Mizou started its history. Its primary purpose was to releasing the Japanese debut work from Indonesian artist Etza Meisyara as her new musical project Mademoi Selle. Since then our netlabel has repeatedly released mainly alternative rock, such as post-rock and visual kei rock from Russia. In the future we would like to release the works from the new generation artists around the countries of East Asia and furthermore whole this globe, in wide range of styles of alternative rock, electronic music and dance music...

mini netlabel Mizou
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Mizou Bandcamp

We are looking for someone who will design our label logo!

Mizou mini netlabel is searching for new talent.
If you are artist and considering to release your work in near future.
Please contact to mizou.

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Jan 24, 2011 Mademoi Selle
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This is the first step of Mademoi Selle. This five songs EP is filled with the distinctive groovy sound. It also have very experimental feelings inside. Dance and Shake Your Delusions! Mademoi Selle plays piano. In a mood of mutated jazz. By polished fingering. On stylish manner. With kinetic breakbeat and lively bassline. It's a sophisticated radical electro fusion sound. The new frontier area of post rock. This is the first release from mini netlabel Mizou. This is the point where something...
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Topics: Jazz, Fusion, Piano, Experimental, Indonesia, Electronic, Breakbeat, Post Rock, Instrumental